Get the best Chatbot service in the WORLD

Reduce your Customer Support Cost through Chatbot on your Website & Facebook Page.

  1. Instant Response Time
  2. No Need to Train New Agents
  3. 24/7 or Offline Hours Availability
  4. Push Notifications
  5. Reduces Customer Support Staff
  6. Quick Learning and Understanding

Solution To All Your Customer Support Issues

Instant Response Time

Customers don’t like waiting, then why keep them in a queue just to get initial help? AI The Virtual Wiz gives instant response for the basic questions before your agent can take over the chat control. It reduces the response time to 1 second.

No Need to Train New Agents

You not only need extra resources but you also keep training every new resource “The way they should talk to your customers”. Chatbots just needs one time training and reduce the training cost by 10 times.

24/7 or Offline Hours Availability

You can either keep your chatbot live 24/7 or just after the office hours when you sleep. Your AI The Virtual Wiz works when you sleep and agents can take over when you start your day.

Push Notifications

You are notified whenever a customer needs to speak to human agent through push notifications in browser or mobile. Don’t worry about the customers chatbot handles, just focus on the customers it doesn’t.

Reduces Customer Support Staff

Chatbot based Live Chat cut down your resource cost, you need zero or a few agents for the live chat customer support. AI Based Live Chat keeps getting smarter overtime and also increase the customer satisfaction rate.

Quick Learning and Understanding

It takes only a few days to teach your chatbot new questions and answers. It can keeps on learning over time, becomes smarter everyday, and gives you flexibility to manage the learning capabilities.

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